Code Geass

Code Geass

The world of Code Geass is set within an alternate universe, or alternate time line. Much like our world today Code Geass’s world is corrupted by the human race’s never ending lust for power. The main oppressor is the Britannian Empire which controls 1/2 the world. The world has been reduced to a playing ground for these superpowers and those in the lands they take over are oppressed and stripped of even their nationality, forced to go by a number. We pick up the story in what was once Japan but now is part of the Holy Britannian Empire and is now known as Area 11. In Area 11 we are introduced to a Britannian School boy who is more than he seems. This boy is Lelouch a Britanian Prince who has given up his claim to the thrown and now lives in Japan hidden as an ordinary Britannian student with his little sister Nunnally, who is blind and unable to walk.. Lelouch encounters a mysterious girl who gifts him the power of Geass, The power to compel anyone with whom he makes eye contact to do whatever he wants. Little does the world know now Lelouch now has what he needs to put his plans in motion. Lelouch will now turn the world into his chess board and put the pieces in motion to realizing his 2 wishes: To seek revenge for the murder of his mother, and to create a kinder gentler world in which his sister Nunnally can live happily.

Above is only a short outline of the world in which the events that define this story are about to unfold. Code Geass takes just 2 seasons to tell its brilliant story. Does Code Geass deserve the hype it receives, is it one of the best Anime shows ever conceived? I believe it is one of  the Best anime I have ever seen!

There are many reasons why Code Geass works as well as it does, it has an excellent story, fast pace, excellent animation, but most importantly Code Geass works because it has possibly the best developed group of characters in any anime. Throughout the show as the events unfold we learn something about each and every major character we encounter. Code Geass does not possess clear cut Good and Evil sides, as all characters have a shade of gray to their character containing aspects of both ends of the spectrum. Not only are there characters thoroughly developed there are 20-25 major characters that we encounter throughout the show. Each with his or her own emotions, opinions, and motivations. The story is woven through the interaction that these major characters have, each and every woven thread helps build the character and their relationships with other characters. This is where the beauty of the show lies, while epic battle scenes are nice, they mean nothing without the emotional connection the series manages to evoke through your connection to these characters and their relationships.

While at times the world in Code Geass can seem to be alien compared to ours, due to the dominance of the world by just a few superpowers, and elements such as Geass, and the Knightmare frames, the characters in the story make it easy to relate to it because they are all in their own way human. Their decisions, motivations, and relationships are all realistic and part of our every day life. Additionally the story is very well written and directed as the Characters really adhere to their core, they are not twisted to earn the sympathy of the viewer or the favor of the viewer, they just are who they are.

Code Geass R1 is a brilliant roller-coaster ride of emotion and relationships. It moves at a break neck pace so that one will never feel like a episode was too strung out like other anime in fact sometimes you’ll wonder how they managed to fly so through much material so quickly.

You may hear someone trying to compare this series to another but it is truly one of a kind. If you are an anime viewer I urge you not to miss this epic story. I assure you it will be one ride you will not regret. Code Geass is an instant classic that should be enjoyed by all who can get their hands on it.

Words are insufficient to describe the pure genius of this series so I hope that everyone who has not seen this series it is truly a Must Watch, a Masterpiece. I would rate it 11/10 if I could.

Code Geass gripped me, made me laugh, and made me cry. It is by far one of  the best anime series I have ever seen.

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